Welcome to Badgers Crossing

Badgers Crossing is a small, fictional market town in a rather sparsely populated part of the English countryside. Before the decline of the main industry, a railway line for freight-trains served the town. When the works closed down the rails were left in place, leaving an enormous circle of iron all the way around the town.

In folklore iron has the supernatural ability to drive away ghosts, faeries, witches and other malevolent creatures. Unfortunately for the people of Badgers Crossing, when completely surrounded by iron those entities can also be contained it.

Strange, and often unfortunate things happen there.


After meeting the author G.P. Taylor, Paul Childs was inspired to write ghost stories which, while scary are suitable for all ages. A chance sighting of a road sign on the main road from his home town led to the creation of the spooky town of Badgers Crossing, where all his stories are set.